Hercules Sägemann has been producing precious premium combs and brushes of high manufacturing quality for over 150 years.

All products fullfil highest standarts and are well knows as the best of its kind all over the world. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please klick here to find more Hercules Sägemann combs! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please klick here to find the very valuable Celon combs! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hercules Sägemann’s very special ebonite combs are complemented by an extensive assortment of thermoplastic combs. These products are marketed as Triumph Master Combs. Please click here to find various types of Triumph Master – combs:

  • Ionicline: Antistatic, flexible, heat and chemical resistant, almost indestructible, ionised thermoplastic
  • Silkline: Antistatic, flexible, manually rounded, very good gliding ability thanks to “s-additive”, almost indestructible, dimensionally stable and flexible
  • Platinumline: Antistatic, manually rounded, very good gliding ability thanks to “s-additive”
  • Carbonline: absolutely antistatic, very light and firm, high tech thermoplastic with carbon fibres, manually rounded, good gliding ability when combing through
  • Wolf 37: Effective against bacteria and fungi due to the presence of antimicrobial agents, manually rounded tips, resistant to heat and chemicals, permanently effective (more than 5 years)

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Quality right through to the tips – this is the prime principle for all our products. Apart from the quality combs Hercules Sägemann also offers different variations of quality brushes for many different demands, either curly or straight hair, thick or thin hair, for hairdressing salons or for private use. Please click here to find more Hercules Sägemann brushes! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Hercules Sägemann scissors stand out due to different quality features. The most important are a very high durability and dependability, which is very essential to assure long lasting pleasure for our customers. We guarantee this through our maintenance and service work. A scissor should be a good companion and the heart piece of each connoisseur. Please click here to find more Hercules Sägemann Scissors! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Our reusable gloves are made of 100% natural rubber and are known as Matador Professional or Black Touch. The gloves have a very natural sense of touch, a very firm grip and the CE Category III protective glove effect. The rolled edges protect against fast tearing. Please click here to find more Matador und Black Touch-gloves!