The hallmark of the Hercules Sägemann-Combs is made of genuine gold leaf and is a symbol of extraordinary quality: If you read the golden words “Hercules Sägemann” on a glossy deep black comb, you can be sure that it is one of the precious ebonite combs made by the New-York Hamburger Gummi-Waaren Compagnie AG.

Since 1856 these masterpieces of hairdressing are lovingly manufactured in Hamburg with 20 primarily manual steps. The combs are predominantly made of ebonite, which is formed through the vulcanization of rubber. Much like horn or ivory, it is both resilient and very robust at the same time and allows to build quality combs for all different claims. Hercules Sägemann provides for each claim the right comb, Styling Combs, Cutting Combs, Technique Combs, Nit Combs, Beard Combs and many more. Click here for the Hercules Sägemann Combs! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We also have combs made of precious celcon. They are virtually indestructable and are especially resistant to heat and chemicals. Click here for the Celon Combs! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Die The synergies arising from these business segments enable us to produce both quality ebonite combs, as well as thermoplastic combs created by ourselves, which excel in form, function and variety. These products are marketed under the brand name Triumph Master.

Various Triumph Master products can be found here:

  • Ionicline: Antistatic, flexible, heat and chemical resistant, almost indestructible, ionised thermoplastic
  • Silkline: Antistatic, flexible, manually rounded, very good gliding ability thanks to “s-additive”, almost indestructible, dimensionally stable and flexible
  • Platinumline: Antistatic, manually rounded, very good gliding ability thanks to “s-additive”
  • Carbonline: absolutely antistatic, very light and firm, high tech thermoplastic with carbon fibres, manually rounded, good gliding ability when combing through
  • Wolf 37:Effective against bacteria and fungi due to the presence of antimicrobial agents, manually rounded tips, resistant to heat and chemicals, permanently effective (more than 5 years)