Triumph Master

All plastic combs from the brand Triumph Master are manufactured in high quality moulding tools and are thus free of coarse hair-damaging burrs. The used plastics polycarbonate and polyoxymethylene (POM) perfectly serve the needs of the price conscious hairdresser as well as their demands of a high quality working device.

The used polycarbonate is extremely impact resistant. In short, combs made of polycarbonate can hardly be broken.


Beyond that polyoxymethylene is distinguished by its excellent resilience and is used for the production of the Pin-tail Comb. Both materials have an optimal dimensional stability and excellent resistance against most chemicals used in hairdressing salons.

A wide variety of Triumph Master products can be found here:


  • Ionicline: Antistatic, flexible, heat and chemical resistant, almost indestructible, ionised thermoplastic
  • Silkline: Antistatic, flexible, manually rounded, very good gliding ability thanks to “s-additive”, almost indestructible, dimensionally stable and flexible
  • Platinumline: Antistatic, manually rounded, very good gliding ability thanks to “s-additive”
  • Carbonline: Absolutely antistatic, very light and firm, high tech thermoplastic with carbon fibres, manually rounded, good gliding ability when combing through
  • Wolf 37: Effective against bacteria and fungi due to the presence of antimicrobial agents, manually rounded tips, resistant to heat and chemicals, permanently effective (more than 5 years)