With the Hercules Sägemann products such as our quality combs, brushes and scissors you are very well equipped for your career, as well as your personal everyday life. Nevertheless the challenge is hidden in the details. Therefore, as a supplier of high quality hairdressing handcraft we offer you gloves of exceptionally high quality that have solely been developed and tested for the use in hairdressing salons.

Our reusable gloves are made of 100% natural rubber and are known as Matador Professional or Black Touch. The gloves have a very natural sense of touch, a very firm grip and the CE Category III protective glove effect. The rolled edges protect against fast tearing.

In consequence of our philosophy “from practical experience for the practice” and the feedback from professional users, we are constantly working to improve our products.

The increasing number of type 2 (latex) allergies amongst hairdressers we have faced as a challenge. In cooperation with our supplier, we developed a nitrile glove that holistically meets the professional requirements regarding wet grip, feel and splash protection. This glove was also developed and tested in accordance with the highest safety standards.