Production/ Quality

For more than 150 years the New-York Hamburger Gummi-Waaren Compagnie Kämme produced ebonite combs (natural rubber) in the highest manufacturing quality.

The comb is probably the most used item in your hairdressing salon and the major hair care product for every bathroom.

The hallmark of the Hercules Sägemann combs is made of genuine gold leaf and is a symbol of extraordinary quality: If you read the golden words “Hercules Sägemann” on a glossy deep black comb, you can be sure that it is one of the precious ebonite combs made by the New-York Hamburger Gummi-Waaren Compagnie AG. Since 1856 these masterpieces of hairdressing are made in 35 predominantly manual work steps with traditional machines in Hamburg.


The quality:

Ebonite is produced by vulcanization of rubber. The material has similar characteristics like horn or ivory. It is resilient, yet very stable. It has the advantage that no sharp edges remain on the tines, as with conventional plastic combs. All surfaces of natural rubber can be ground and polished, so that the hair and the scalp are protected during combing. This is not the only feature that makes Hercules Sägemann combs something very special. Furthermore they are heat and chemical resistant which are characteristics that are almost indispensable at work in your hairdressing salon, as well as while styling at home.


How quality ebonite combs are manufactured:

During vulcanization in hot steam, the soft structures of the rubber are crosslinked by sulfur molecules and thus a material is created which is elastic and yet dimensionally stable.

The natural rubber is pressed between metal foils and the comb mold. After vulcanization the metal foil is removed and ebonite has formed out of the soft rubber. The comb sheets are then worked by hand (grinding, sawing and polishing) whereby the surface quality as well as the precision of the tooth-cutting are constantly monitored to ensure that only faultless masterpieces without any hair damaging burrs leave our factory. Finally, the comb is embossed with gold-coloured foil with the world famous Hercules Sägemann brand, which guarantees the highest quality, functional design and maximum hair protection.


Through careful processing, the continuity in the management of our product range and the reliability to our trading partners, our brands Hercules Sägemann, Matador and Triumph Master have received an outstanding reputation among hairdressers and consumers.

Hercules Sägemann stands for quality and functionality: our product lines are continuously developed according to the maxim, “From practical experiences for the practice”. This we achieve through our excellent cooperation with selected hairdressers. For our full product range – as for our combs – we set great emphasis on professional quality and functionality.